H-index: 8 (Google Scholar), 6 (Scopus, WOS)

i10-index: 7 (Google Scholar)

RG Score: 14.5 (ResearchGate)

Citations: 180 (Google Scholar), 71 (Scopus, WOS)


28/09/2020: Water Resources and Economic Processes (Eds. Tiziano Di Stefano, Rouledge), has been published today. Inside, a chapter of mine (ch. 11) with M. Riccaboni & F. Serti, entitled "Water-in-food, conflicts, and refugee movements" about the measurement of the relation among water, conflicts and refugees movements using logit models, link: https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/e/9780429025013

02/07/2020: the preprint of Dynamic maps of people exposure to floods based on mobile phone data (with M. Balistrocchi, M. Carpita, R. Ranzi) is currently under review for NHESS, link: https://nhess.copernicus.org/preprints/nhess-2020-201/

25/04/2020A Spatio-Temporal Indicator for City Users based on Mobile Phone Signals and Administrative Data (with Prof. Maurizio Carpita) has been accepted for publication today @Social Indicator Research. link: https://rdcu.be/b3WmG



Hello and welcome to my homepage!

Here, I sum up briefly my bio, current work status and affiliations, as well as a list of my activities and publications.


I did my bachelor and my master in Statistics at the University of Bologna, and I obtained there, in 2013, a Phd in Statistics.

Currently, I'm Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and Statistics (DISES) at the University of Salerno (UNISA).

In the past, I served University of Brescia (Post-Doc, Lug 2016 - Giu-2019), S.Anna Pisa (Post-Doc, Sep 2015 - Jul 2016) and IMT School for Advanced Studies (Post-Doc, Jun 2013 - Sept 2015).



- Analisi Quantitativa del Rischio Finanziario (30 hours), DISES 


- Strumenti Quantitativi per l'Azienda (30 hours), DISA-MIS



- Statistica (60 hours) - DISA-MIS 



Those are my fields or research

1. Statistical modelling of high-dimensional data with spatial dependence

2. Spatial Econometrics (Spatial Filters, Gravity Models)

3. Sports Statistics

I have published in several international journals, such as: Social Indicator Research, PlosOne, Physica A, The World Economy, Journal of Applied Statistics.


My web pages: